The Waitr App Makes Time Travel Possible 

Recently the Sunfunnel Media team assisted the new app Waitr to make time travel possible. But how you ask? Waitr gives Lake Area epicures the ability to order their food from their smartphone before getting to the restaurant, as they wait to be seated, or while they wait at their tables thus saving time and making time travel possible. Okay, maybe not but it is really cool.

One of Waitr’s featured clients is a Lake Area’s favorite Casa Manana. Waitr is looking to add a variety of area eateries to their menu selection offerings. For more information about Waitr visit

Waitr enlisted Sunfunnel Media to add to the visual aspects of the app through food photography. Our team took product photos of Casa Manana’s menu items. Look how crisp and yummy these pictures are… But please don’t try to eat your viewing device!