Your headshot is a powerful business tool that allows people to get a glimpse of the person behind the company.

Things to know about headshot photography:

  • Make sure your headshot communicates your branding and style. (We can help!)
  • Keep clothing and accessory style traditional to avoid “time stamping” your headshot and “expiring” too soon. (We can help!)
  • Consider where your headshot will be used to ensure that your photo will have the appropriate contrast when used with various backgrounds. (We can help.)
  • Aim for the natural, subtle effect instead of the “super-model” type headshot. (We can help!)
  • Relax –If you are worried your photo will reflect that attitude. (We can help…five minutes with our photographers is better than a glass of wine…or better yet just go for a glass of wine with our photographers!)
  • Be realistic… We cannot travel through time and make you look like a teenager again.  We focus on delivering a realistic representation of who you are. (No help here…well that’s not entirely true, we do have a few really talented makeup artists available on request)
  • Experienced, quality photographers are expensive but worth it especially considering lighting, posing, skill and customer service. (Believe us! It is worth it!)

Let Sunfunnel Media help you. We understand that headshot photography should communicate professionalism, fit your branding and invite customers to interact with you. We can help you with any group photography needs you may have also!